Early Mornings

Perfect for early in the morning, when you wake up, your delicious cock hard and ready to be worshiped, I’ll be there. Indulge yourself, come play and I’ll whisper in your ear, your personal toy, serving you to start your day off on the right foot. Pent up tension from the night before? I want to help you begin your day. Let me urge you on first thing in the morning, to use me the way you want to. Pick up the phone and tell me how you’re going to treat me, control me, enjoy my body and my voice.

Late Night

Equally ready later in the night, I’ll be ready for use when you get home from that long day. Imagine coming home to your Kiwi girlfriend or play toy, my eagerness to please you just hanging in the air.  Or when you are just about ready to sleep but need that last release to relax, your sex slave will be there urging you over the edge. Arranging a late night call with me will ensure that I can tend to your desires when and how you want me. Use me rough, hard and kinky, or play sensually with me as I put you to sleep and I’ll make sure you sleep well, my voice guiding you to wonderful dreams.

Don’t forget you can always pre arrange a call with me, to ensure my attention is focused on you. You can message me on Yahoo! or email me at, or email me through NiteFlirt to book time for me to satisfy you.

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