• Celebrate 6 Years with me!

    Six years ago, I discovered my destiny.  Being your cyber phone whore, and doing anything you want me to do!  I started out so innocent, and day by day, little by little, I became what I am now.  Experienced, willing and a slut who will never tell you no, no matter what the fantasy is.  No matter your tastes.  I will always be a begging participant in your fantasy.

    In 6 years I’ve been the highest rated submissive on NiteFlirt, and you know why.  I’m always enjoying new fantasies and while I haven’t done everything, I would like to!  From the naive next door neighbour, to the seasoned whore you pay to fuck!  We do have a lot of fun on the phone, don’t we?


    I love the thought of being used by you, and since this is a week of celebration.  I’d love to give back!

    • Purchase any Goody Bag and you will receive something in the mail equal to what you purchased for free.
    • Every call you make with me in November over 15 minutes will get you 3 Free Minutes sent afterwards.
    • Every written 5 star feedback left from November 8th until November 31st will receive something yummy from me!  It’s a secret surprise!

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    On top of all of the above, I want to be used, fucked over and over.  To beg to take your cock in every hole, and to have your cum in every single orifice.  To taste your cock after it’s been in my ass and cunt.  I am not shy about tasting my own juices and take everything you give me, no matter how degrading.

    I can’t wait until you use me for your pleasure, especially while helping me celebrate my six year anniversary being a whore.  It will be so much fun!



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