• Secret Fantasy?

    When was the last time you just let go of everything and did whatever you wanted in a fantasy?  I know it’s been far too long for me!  I have all these fantasies and thoughts running through my mind all the time lately.  Especially when it involves you using me like a submissive whore.  Your own personal fuck toy.  You know I never say no!

    EoMOr perhaps watching me with another woman?  Or allowing me to watch you with another.  Threesomes can be so much fun!  I love the thought of pleasing your cock while another woman is watching or even joining in!

    Fantasies can be so much fun!  Especially when they involve both of our imaginations.  Can you imagine what trouble we could get up to?  I am getting so wet just thinking about it!  It doesn’t even have to be you and I?  It could be us watching other couples.  We could become swingers or even involve other types of fun in our games!  The sky is the limit when it comes to playing with me!

    Can I be your fantasy tonight?  I look forward to serving you in all ways possible, and then some!


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